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10/07/2020 - ECC ITT Round 2 - Results and League standings

The presence of a noticeable headwind served as a reminder to competitors that this already challenging course still has some tricks up its sleeve. Nevertheless a number of riders still managed to overcome this additional hurdle and notch up even faster times than last week. This is a course that rewards those who study it and learn the lessons from previous outings. Aside from the headwind, conditions thankfully were warm and dry.

There were over approximately 50 riders attending on the evening from over 20 different clubs. Despite the new Covid19 competition conditions, there was a wonderful atmosphere as cycling friends got the recently rare opportunity to briefly meet (socially distanced) and compete.

There will be prizes for the competitors in each category. Four more rounds remain over the next four Thursdays.

There will be an opportunity for a limited number of riders who wish to still experience this course to enter through Eventbrite on a round by round basis. New Eventbrite link to follow.

Thanks once again to the marshals who enable these event to happen and happen safely.

More wonderful photos courtesy of Jerome Rafferty. Further photos here:…/Emyvale-CC-TT-League-Tydave…/

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