ECC group training rides depart Glaslough Harriers in Emyvale.

Sunday Group Spin: 
Subject to the weather,  groups will leave Emyvale at 9:00am.  Check out Emyvale Cycling Club on Facebook for updates on arranged spins, or ask to join the relevant WhatsApp group.  Helmets are manditory.
In the Summer months, there is also typically an early group leaving Sam's Diner at 7:30am completiing a 35km loop and arriving back in Emyvale for 8:50am
Saturday Group Spin: 
We have no pre-arranged club spin. However various groups within club use this day to  train for specific upcoming events such as: Racing, Mallorca 312, Wicklow 200 or The Giants Causeway tour. Keep an eye on our Facebook page, or ask to join the relevant WhatsApp group.  Helmets are manditory.

Youth Cycling:
We  will have supervised Youth spins on Saturday mornings at 9.30am from Glaslough Harrriers Clubhouse, Main St, Emyvale.  The children will be back by 11am.

The children should be in at least 5th class in primary school.  They should have a road worthy bike and must have a helmet.  The club has some children's racing bikes which can be assigned temporarily to children who wish to try cycling out.

Parents can email, if you wish any of our youth officers to contact you.