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2023 CX Season Wraps Up

Dara Mc Kenna, ECC Race Captain reporting: “Well that’s the CX wrapped up for this season, after a great race in the National Championships in Limerick last weekend, Declan, Barry and I travelled over to Dundalk this morning for the Sean Sharkley Memorial race at McCrystals track Bellurgan.

It was a great race and the ground was reasonably dry, but sticky in places but at least there was no rain for the duration of the race. The U14s were let off first followed by the U16s, then the women, then the ole fellas followed by two National Champions Dean Harvey and Conor Murphy.

The two lads eventually passed everyone after a few laps with Dean taking the win, Conor 2nd and Declan 3rd.

Thanks again to Bryan McCrystal for the fantastic facility he created, from the summer league into the winter league and National events it is so good to have on our doorstep. So it’s clean down the bikes and shoes this week and get ready for the road season in about 5 or 6 weeks time.


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